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Shoebox Gifts 2008
134 boxes were delivered to 83 sponsored and 51 non-sponsored parishioners in Haiti, most of them children.  This year's shipment was unaffected by the customs issues of 2007 - packages left November 5th and were handed out on the weekend of January 10, 2009.

Thank you sponsors, donors, and businesses Columbus Container (for boxes) and UPS (for opening early to handle our 22 carton load)!

Shoebox Gifts 2007
These photographs show some of the children receiving shoeboxes sent late in 2007, with delivery delayed until August 2008 due to a dock strike and dramatic one-time change in Haitian customs law.  Thank you, sponsors!!

Haiti Sunday 2007

Optical Mission 2006
Photos taken by the volunteers in October 2006

Haiti Sunday - 2006
Photos of the celebration at St. Bartholomew Church in recognition of our sister parish, St. Anne's in Limonade, Haiti.

Shoebox Gifts 2006
These are pictures of the children at St. Anne's that recieved Christmas gifts donated by members of St. Bartholomew Parish. The children were very happy to receive the gifts and Roland took as many pictures as he could as a way of saying "Thank you!". There are 48 pictures here but some children were not available for pictures. Some of the children were sponsored children and some were not.

Summer 2005
Church celebration in Summer of 2005

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