Flash: ON   November 14, 2019 
Social Justice Issues Training

St. Bartholomew offers education on the Christian response to Christian social justice issues developed by it's members and outside organizations, largely through JustFaith Ministries when sufficient interest exists.  Members of non-Catholic churches are welcome to attend, too.

For more information, call or email Steve Audretch  at 812 342-0002, or any Peace and Justice ministry member.

St. Bartholomew JustFaith history:

Through these and other sources, St. Bartholomew has gathered a growing library of videos on social justice issues.  Anyone with an interest is welcome to borrow them at the parish office.

In 2008-9, St. Bartholomew held the original 30-week JustFaith program

In fall of 2009, we held the Crossing Borders: Migration, Theology, and The Human Journey, an 8-week program on immigration topics.

In the spring of 2011, we held the 6-week Prison Reform: Church of the Second Chance program. 

In the fall of 2011, St. Bartholomew held the Living Solidarity program about justice in the US Budget for  8 weeks.  Putting this program on was very timely during the congressional budget crisis, though the program had been outdated by a few years.  It has since been revised. (But we are offering the movie,  "Inequality For All" to continue a discussion on economics.)

In the Spring of 2015, several members of the parish joined members of the local Muslimi in an interfaith program: 
 In the Spirit of St. Francis and the Sultan: Muslims and Christians Working Together for the Common Good.

Future Programs:

We will continue to offer programs when sufficient interest exists.  We
 are also considering several topics from other source, and others from local resources. 



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