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Small Church Communities
“Six years ago, our family asked to join a small church community (SCC).  We were linked with three other families and beganmeeting twice a month.  We began as strangers, butbefore long we truly became family. Together we read the Gospel, discuss Catholic books, pray for one another, do service projects, and experience life.  Our children are very much a part of many small group activities, and we love that they have the opportunity to grow in their faith as well.” 
If you think you would like to start a similar faith journey, St. Bartholomew is looking to form new SCC’s.
What is a Small Church Community?
A SCC is a small group of adults who gather to share their Christian faith through prayer and friendship.
Who Belongs?
St. Bartholomew has many SCC’s.  Some SCC’s are diverse in membership with single and married, young adults and older adults all meeting together.  Other SCCs include members who are at similar life stages.  Families with young children can even be a part of the experience!
How Often Do They Meet?
Most SCCs gather in homes twice monthly.
How Do I join?
If you’d like to learn more about being a part of a SCC, please contact Amy Bugert at abugert@comcast.net or (812) 552-8599. 

Small Church Community Core Team    
Amy Bugert                          Fr. Clem 
(812)552-8599                     379-9353 

St. Bartholomew Parish Small Church Communities 


An SCC (small church community) is a group of people who meet to connect their lives and faith on a regular basis.  We become Church for one another and for our community and world.


Joining a Small Church Community is an opportunity for us to connect our everyday lives and faith.  We gather as a small group of no more than 12 people to become church for one another.  The process begins with Come as You Are, a 12 session series allowing us to get to know one another in our daily lives.  Groups then continue this growth process through the next series, Pray As You Are, followed by an opportunity to share scripture.  Groups meet approximately once very two weeks in the homes of the members for about two hours.

Ready to register?  Click Here to fill out a registration form.  We will collect the names of those interested and match them with others wanting to meet on the same day.  You will be contacted within the next several weeks concerning your group.  Questions?  Please call one of us! 

Prayers and Peace, 

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