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The Friends of Haiti Ministry was formed following an initial visit to Haiti by two St. Bartholomew Parishioners in June, 1992. First meeting of the Friends of Haiti was held August 27, 1992. Pastoral Council of St. Bartholomew endorsed the twinning in June, 1993.

St. Bartholomew Parish is twinned with the parish of St. Anne in Limonade, Haiti. St. Bartholomew is one of 340 parishes in the U. S. and Canada who are "twinned" with a parish in Haiti through the umbrella organization of the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas, located in Nashville TN.  See http://www.parishprogram.org.

Twinning is about building a relationship between the parishioners of St. Anne Parish and the parishioners of St. Bartholomew Parish. This relationship involves the mutual exchange of prayer, letters, and visits between pastors and parishioners of both parishes. In addition, St. Bartholomew Parish offers financial and other assistance to St. Anne Parish. Some of the ways St. Bartholomew has supported St. Anne is by providing food and stipends for two nutrition centers, salary for a nurse and funding for medications and other medical supplies, the building and maintenance of a radio station, building of a secondary school addition, and youth work projects. Other means of assisting the people of Limonade have included sponsoring Optical, Dental and most recently in March, 2003, a Medical Mission to Limonade. A Medical Mission from Columbus, made up of 13 volunteers, traveled to our sister parish, St. Anne's, in Limonade, Haiti to conduct a medical mission. An English class and literacy class was conducted in the summer of 2002. The literacy classes are continuing with involvement of local teachers.

Visit our Friends of Haiti Facebook page to learn more about our Haiti Ministry: https://www.facebook.com/St.BartholomewFriendsofHaiti/

A sponsorship program provides an education for over 300 children and young adults, pre-school age through university. Many of these children are orphans. There is a waiting list of children who need sponsoring.  Click here to learn about the sponsorship program.

Haiti Sunday
St. Bartholomew Parish celebrates "Haiti Sunday" commemorating the relationship with St. Anne Parish at weekend Masses each July, close to the feast day of St. Anne (July 26). Weekly, the people of St. Anne are remembered in prayers and petitions at mass.

1. To encourage prayerful solidarity with our sisters and brothers at St. Anne.
2. To promote an awareness of the injustices present in Haiti and our Gospel call to respond.
3. To provide resources and support in religious, educational, medical and economic areas.
4. To encourage linkages (relationships) between individuals at St. Bartholomew and St. Anne.

If you would like more information about twinning with a parish in Haiti, how you might become involved with the Friends of Haiti, or how you can sponsor the education of a child, please contact Judy Harpenau jjhdah@sbcglobal.net

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