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Meal Site Information


In the city of Columbus, there is a free meal offered to the community every night of the week. On Sundays, our parish prepares and serves a meal to the community. This ministry may be referred to as “soup kitchen”, “hot meals” or “meal site”.


The hot meals ministry currently has over 60 volunteers that have committed to serving the meal this year. Individual groups or teams are assigned 3-4 Sundays within the year and then take responsibility for meal selection, preparation, serving and cleanup. All meals are to be prepared at the meal site. Our pantry is fully stocked with many choices.

The hot meal ministry is a wonderful ministry in that it benefits many people with a relatively small commitment overall. Meal preparation typically begins at 3:30 pm, however, teams have access to the kitchen as early as 2:00 p.m. each Sunday, if more preparation time is desired.  There are many other scheduled activities each weekend in the school, therefore, access to the kitchen PRIOR to 2 p.m. on Sunday must be pre-authorized by the church office.


Our guests begin to gather and socialize at 4:30 p.m. Teams are expected to have dinner ready to serve our guests at 5:00 p.m., and cleanup is typically completed by 6:00 pm.

If hot meals is a ministry you have interest in or if you have additional questions please feel free to contact Susan Chandler at 378-2605 or hchandler@ciemotors.com.


All participants in this ministry must be Safe and Sacred Certified if over 18 years of age.

Below is the latest hot meal schedule. Please follow the procedure that is listed on the schedule.

General Meal Site Procedures:


·         Arrive By 3:30pm
·         Make Note of Condition of Cafeteria/Kitchen and lobby bathrooms Upon Arrival – Include these in Summary E-mail
·         Wash Hands at Hand Sink
·         Clean Tables with Bleach & Water Mixture
·         Place Silverware Packets on 7-8 Tables
·         Bring 6ft Banquet Table from Boiler Room for Serving Table
·         Prepare Coffee (40 cups)
·         Make Tea, Lemonade or Juice and Place in Clear Juice Dispenser
·         Fill Out Menu With Items to Be Served
·         Place SNAP Program Flyers and 2-1-1 cards in Cafeteria at end of drink table (you will find these items in binder in white cabinet across from stove)
·         Set Out Coffee, Water Pitcher, Juice/Tea/Lemonade, Cups, Sugar, Sweetener, Creamer, And Stir Sticks - Place all drinking items together on table to the right of the milk window
·         Place Sign At Top Of Stairs By Front Door - “Hot Meal Downstairs” (Sign should be next to soda machine at the bottom of the stairs.)
·         Just Before Serving Place Milk in Clear Milk Dispenser in Milk Window
·         Place Hand Towels Below Coffee, Juice and Milk Dispensers to Catch Drips
·         Complete Temperature Logs (in Binder)
·         Complete Donation Logs (in Binder)
·         Front Door is to be Propped Open at 4:30 (not before).  Team Member Must Monitor Lobby Area Beginning at This Time (See Safety Procedures)
·         Count out 50 Plates for Service (This will help you keep track of how many plates you served.)


·         Wear Gloves For All Food Handling
·         Meal Plan Should Be For 50-60 People
·         Meal Site Pots and Pans Are Located Behind the Stove
·         All Newly Opened Refrigerator Items (Butter, Sauces) Should Be Labeled with the Date Opened
·         Early Arrival Family: We have one family who arrives early and parks outside the kitchen doors.  This family receives 5 to go plates as soon as food is available.


·         Welcome Patrons With Smiles & Greetings
·         Make Announcement That No Drugs, Smoking Or Alcohol Is Permitted On Premises
·         Make Announcement That This Is A Church Facility And That Those Uncomfortable With This Can Choose To Leave.  Inform that We Serve All Whether You Believe in God or Not. (Because we receive federal funding, we may not lead a prayer, but a moment of silence is acceptable.)
·         If Snack Bags Are Available, Instruct Guests To Leave Any Unwanted Items On The Tables And To Help Keep The Outside Area Free Of Trash
·         Meal Service Should Begin at 5pm
·         Take Home Plates Can Be Given For Shut-Ins or Left-overs. Some Patrons Don’t Wish to Stay and Eat – Serve these guest first
·         Dessert Can Be Served From the Cart Once Everyone Has Been Served
·         Seconds Can Be Served Beginning at 5:20
·         A New Plate Must Be Used with Each Serving
·         Remember There May Be Some Late Arrivals – Save Some Food Aside

·         Front doors are to be unlocked so that guests may enter at 4:30 p.m. (no earlier). 
·         A team member MUST sit in the lobby from 4:30 to 6 p.m. to monitor traffic in/out of the school.  They are to redirect any soup kitchen guest who attempts to travel into an unauthorized area of the school.  Guests may NOT go upstairs or into the gym at any time. 
·         An additional team member must also sit at the lower hallway entrance to the middle school (at the rear of the cafeteria) from 4:30 until the last guest has left the area.
·         Before leaving the building, team members must walk the entire building (including upstairs), ensuring that no guests are remaining.  IF OTHER GROUPS ARE USING THE BUILDING WHEN YOU LEAVE, IT IS IMPORTANT TO SPEAK TO THE SUPERVISOR OF THE GROUPS AND LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU HAVE SECURED THE BUILDING AND THAT ALL GUESTS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING. Note the names of those individuals you have spoken to for summary report.
·         These security measures are a requirement for us to continue soup kitchen ministry, and they are NOT optional.


·         Only Unopened Milk Should Be Left in the Refrigerator – All Leftover Food Should be Donated to Horizon House or Turning Point (no receipt needed)
·         Wash and Dry All Dishes -  Return All Items to Original Locations
·         Bring Menu Sheet In and Fill In Serving Totals – Return Sheet to Binder
·         All Recyclables Should Be Placed in the Pantry Hallway in the Appropriate Containers
·         At 5:50 Secure Doors and Bring Sign Down From Lobby And Put It Away
·         Wipe Cafeteria Tables
·         Sweep Dining And Kitchen Areas
·         Mop Any Spills
·         Wipe All Counters and Tables in Kitchen
·         Clean Stove Top
·         Wipe Down Refrigerator, Return Condiments to Refrigerator
·         Return Banquet Table to Boiler Room
·         Empty Trash And Take To Dumpster 
·         Check Stalls and Empty Trash In Lobby Bathrooms If Needed - Watch Out For Leaks Out Of Bags
·         Put Used Towels And Dish Cloths In Washing Machine and Start Wash Cycle (Custodial Staff will Put Towels in the Dryer)
·         Complete Cleaning Log and Return to Binder
·         The Goal Should Always Be to Leave the Kitchen and Cafeteria in Equal or Better Condition than it was on Arrival – A messy kitchen or cafeteria can place our program in jeopardy since students arrive for school beginning Monday morning.
·         Upon Returning Home, Submit E-mail to Susan Chandler with Summary Report.  Any immediate concerns should result in a phone call to Susan that evening in conjunction with e-mail summary report.

o   Note anything unusual upon arrival

o   Note building usage upon departure

§  If building not in use upon departure, note that building was empty and locked

§  If building was in use upon departure, note which groups were using the building and the NAME of the person or people you spoke to in order to let them know the security of the building is now in their hands

o    Note any incidents which occurred during meal site

·         Team Leaders will verify that ALL members of their volunteer team are Safe and Sacred (if over 18 yrs. old.)
·         Team Leaders will receive a call from Susan as a reminder of their upcoming soup kitchen date.
·         Team Leaders will contact team members and plan meal
·         Team Leaders will organize meal prep and serving at meal site
·         Team Leaders will let Susan know when the condiments or coffee is running low.  (This can be done with summary email sent after EACH soup kitchen shift)
·         Team Leaders will verify that all logs and checklists have been completed after their event
·         Team Leaders will verify that all guests have exited the property before leaving their soup kitchen event for the night.
·         Team Leaders will email a summary report to Susan (on Sunday evenings) after their soup kitchen shift. Refer to General Safety Procedures for detail on items to include in this report.


This is a very rewarding ministry. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

God Bless you and your team!

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