Flash: ON   August 17, 2019 


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Special Issue           Bread For The World Conference: "Childhood Hunger In Indiana"

June, 2019              
Ministry: "Spotlight on Alfa: Adult literacy for Limonade"

May, 2019              UCCSB-- "The Care Of Creation"

March, 2019           UCCSB-- "Rights and Responsibilities"

February, 2019       Ministry: “The Life-Saving Gift of Blood”

January, 2019           Ministry: “Hot Meal Site”

December, 2018     Ministry: “Jail Ministry”

November, 2018    Ministry: “Spotlight on Friends of Haiti”

October, 2018        USCCB-- “Standing Up for Fellow Human Beings”

September, 2018   Ministry: “The St. Vincent dePaul Society”

August, 2018         USCCB--“Care of Creation”

July, 2018              Ministry: “Scholarships for Undocumented Latino”

June, 2018             Ministry: “JustFaith-- The Sultan and The Saint”

May, 2018             Ministry: “Bread for the World Offering of Letters”

April, 2018            USCCB-- “Rights and Responsibilities”

March, 2018             USCCB-- “The Dignity of Work and Right of Workers”

February, 2018       USCCB-- "Option for the Poor and Vulnerable"

January, 2018         USCCB-- “Dignity of the Human Person”

December, 2017     Ministry: “Jail Ministry at St. Barthomew”

November, 2017     Ministry: “The Giving Tree”

         *UCCSB = United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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