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Welcoming Ministry

Updated 11/20/2017

  The goal of the Welcoming Ministry is to foster a welcoming attitude toward all who find their way to St. Bartholomew Parish.  An important first step in this ministry has been the creation of a Welcome Station, located at the west end of the narthex, to the right of the vestry.

The purpose of the Welcome Station is to be an established location within the church where all who come to our parish may feel welcomed and appreciated by the outreach of those staffing the station. The station also will be a place where visitors, first-time attenders, and new members can receive information about the Catholic faith, the Mass, our church facilities, and parish programs.  The station is staffed by volunteers before and after each weekend Mass, including the 1:00 Spanish Mass.

A sub-set of the Welcoming Ministry is the New Parishioner Welcome Committee.  This group welcomes individuals and families who have recently registered as members of the parish.  Committee members attempt to call new members within several weeks of registering to welcome them and to assist them with questions or issues they may have about the parish.  Those unable to be reached by telephone receive a letter of welcome.

The committee places an announcement in the church bulletin each month, in which all new members registered in the previous month are listed and welcomed.  It also hosts a quarterly reception for new members, held at the rectory (Fr. Clem's residence).  This is a casual occasion when new parishioners can meet one another and have a chance to talk with Fr. Clem and other parishioners informally.

The Welcoming Ministry currently is considering other ways to welcome visitors to the parish. 
New volunteers for the ministry are always in demand.  The "work" is simple and very rewarding.  We welcome anyone who would like to help in this ministry.

Persons wishing further information on the Welcoming Ministry may contact Co-chairs Mike Keogh, (812) 376-3955 or JayDee Edgell, ( 937) 572-9885.

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