Flash: ON   January 23, 2020 
What Pastors are Saying


Archdiocese of Indianapolis



“The Gabriel Project has been a wonderful extension of our Pro-Life ministry and responsibility. The love and compassion of the angels toward the ladies has been very moving. This project literally places the hands and heart of Jesus in those in need. We are very proud of this project and all they have done.”

Rev. Glenn L. O’Connor, Pastor

St. Joseph and St. Ann Catholic Churches, Indianapolis, West Deanery



“The Gabriel Project has been a blessing for Little Flower.  It has brought a breath of fresh air to the Pro-Life efforts in our parish. At a time when many people only hear about the radical and extreme side of so-called Pro-Lifers, this ministry presents a fresh and much needed outlook. There are those who enjoy the one-on-one peer ministry as Gabriel Angels and those who simply want to donate needed items to those women suffering a crisis pregnancy situation. This is an important face of the Pro-Life movement that ALL Catholic parishes need to present to their local communities.“

Rev. Vincent Lampert, Pastor

St. Therese (Little Flower) Catholic Church, Indianapolis, East Deanery



“The Gabriel Project has been up and running at St. Bartholomew for over two years now, and it continues to attract angels of all kinds. From its first days in operation, "Gabriel" has been a blessing to the women who have had limited options in meeting the challenges of pregnancy. Some of our first clients had little or no working knowledge of English, and that fact led to the simultaneous strengthening of both our outreach to mothers with crisis pregnancies and to recent Hispanic arrivals in our community. The parish has grown stronger and more generous in the course of the past two years.

As a pastor I welcome the development of ministries that engage a wide variety of parishioners in practical, hands-on outreach that gives expression to our faith in the power of Christ now at work in the faithful. Demands on my time have really been inconsequential. I have made mention of needs only occasionally and I have on a couple occasions asked God's blessings on those angels most recently trained and commissioned at Mass. I recommend the Gabriel Project as a truly pro-life outreach in any faith community.”

Rev. Clement T. Davis, Pastor

St. Bartholomew Roman Catholic Church, Columbus, Seymour Deanery

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