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Website Instructions

Web Posting Instructions - DRAFT 


This website is designed to be open to authorized individuals, within the many ministries of St. Bartholomew, so that they may post information about their ministry to fellow parishioners as needed, whenever needed.  In order to achieve this goal, there are online instructions available administrators in the form of "online help" which can be seen after log in.



The website is divided in sub-websites which allows individual ministries to customize their portion of the St. Bartholomew site to best fit their needs.  This system allows individuals to work ONLY on their pages without jeopardizing the content of the entire site.  The structure is provided by www.finalweb.com and all editing is done online using FinalWeb’s website.  After log in, online help is available to guide individual through the process.


Login and Password 

A login name and password, for each ministry is obtained by going to the "login" on the St. Batholomew Parish Homepage and "request an account".  A form will appear asking for your contact information and preferred login name and password.  Be sure to indicate which ministry you will be supporting.  One of the webmasters will approve your request and grant you authorization.

Many ministry sites have already been created.  If you cannot find your ministry on the St. B website, one of the web support people will create a sub-site for you to get you started.  You can then log onto the new ministry site and post your own information.



Posting to the website is not much more difficult than using a word processor.  Most posting can be done by creating a page on your computer, using Microsoft Word and cutting and pasting information from your Word document directly to your webpage.  Periodic training sessions will be held at St. Bartholomew School and one-on-one or small group training can be arranged also.  Contact Jack Riester or Augustine Jung to set up a time for this training.



There are several templates that you can choose from for your website.  You can see the templates that are available by going to the Site Manager page in your sub-site.  Selecting a different template will give your page a different look and you are welcome to choose one.  Your inormation will be reformated automatically.   The templates are variations on a theme that provides a very clean look.  You should only use Arial font, no larger than "small font" (a selection on the website).



Pictures will add a lot to your website and you are encouraged to take pictures using your digital camera and share those on the website so others can see what is going on in your ministry.  Because the photos are being shown on an internet browser, they should be low resolution so the don’t take up much server space.  75dots per inch is the website standard for photos.

Depending on which page template you pick, you may have to resize the photos you select to be at the top of your home page.  The Photos at the top of pages, like the current Home Page, must be 750 pixels wide X 130 pixels high.  You can do a single photo or a collage, as we have on the Home Page.  Instructions are online and will appear at the left side of your screen as you do your editing.


Additional Capability

This website has a great deal more capability than the previous webite.  Listed below is the list of what the website is capable of delivering.  Of particular interest may be a Parish Calendar, and On-line regristrations.  Different ministries may decide to include different features.


Event Calendar
"Pastor's Update" Area
Fully-Integrated Blogging Tool (including RSS newsfeed capability)
Ability to accept online donations via PayPal (R)
Bible Study Pages
Ministry Team Section
Leadership Highlight Pages
Online Event Registration
Prayer Request Section
Photo Galleries
Discussion Forums
Document Download Area
Audio (Sermon/Music) Download Section
Auto-Generated Podcasting Feeds for Broadcasting Sermons/Music
Recommended Reading Area
Questionnaire & Form Builder
Integrated Shopping Cart - Sell books or other products
Unlimited Custom Pages
Unlimited "Sub-Sites" for different ministries; choose a different template for each!


If, as an administrator, you need help, please look at the online documentation at the left-side of the screen you are working on, or go to http://www.finalweb.com and look at their online documentation.  If you cannot find the help you need, send an email to Augustine Jung at augustinejung@hotmail.com . 




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