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Young Adult Ministry

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Are you a college-age young adult looking to get connected with other Catholics?  Campus Ministry and college-aged young adult activities are in the works. Please contact Allie for more information or to offer ideas!

The Fall six-pack is complete, but we are gearing up for our Spring series! Click the image to the left for the full series schedule.

As always, if you have a speaker or a topic in mind, contact Allie! (We are currently planning our Spring 2016 series.)

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*COMING SOON* Lord of the Rings, Part II: Creation stories and more (Nick Shanks)
*NEW* Celebrating the Entire Easter Season: 50 Days of Rejoicing (Matt Sherman and Katie Harmon, Marian University)
Death and the Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, and Pergatory (Fr. Andy Syberg, St. Bartholomew Associate Pastor)
How NOT to be an Awkward Catholic (Fr. Jude McPeak, St. Paul Catholic Center)
Concerning Catholicism: The Catholic Faith and Lord of the Rings (Scotty Biggs, St. Bartholomew Youth Minister)
Living Your Faith Every Day: Work, marriage, play, and more (Mike and Rebecca Kirsch)
The Cost of Discipleship: What does it mean to follow Christ? (Fr. Andy Syberg, St. Bartholomew)
The Byzantine Rite: An evening with Fr. Bryan Eyman (Fr. Bryan Eyman, St. Athanasius the Great)
Pentecostal Preacher to Catholic Youth Minister: A story of faith, rejection, and fun (Scotty Biggs)
World Meeting fo Families: Love is Our Mission (Juan Carlos Ramirez, St. Bartholomew parishioner)
Morality Free for All: Ask anything you've wanted to know about Catholic morals! (Dr. Matt Sherman, Marian)
If God is Good and All-Poweful, Why is There Evil? (Fr. Andy Syberg, St. Bartholomew)
Grace and the Immaculate Conception (Deacon Matt Tucci, PNAC)
Preferential Option for the Poor (Dave Harpenau, St. Bartholomew parishioner)
Theology of the Body: Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life (Fr. Jonathan Meyer, All Saints Parish)
Am I Crazy, Lord? How to know all this God and Church stuff is real (Paul Hengesbach, St. Bartholomew parishioner)
Vocations: Marriage (Jessica and Grady Bissey, St. Bartholomew parishioners)
Finding God in Unlikely Places (Cheryl McSweeney, Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House)
The Great Mystery (Fr. Jerry Byrd, St. Mary, St. Ann, and St. Joseph)
Were the Saints Ever Ugly? (Fr. Jude McPeak, St. Paul Catholic Center)
Ask a Priest: All of your Catholic questions answered (Fr. Randy Summers, St. Bartholomew)
Vocations: Consecrated Life (Sr. Jennifer Mechtild Horner with Sr. Heather Jean, Our Lady of Grace Monastery)
What Never Was: The misconceptions and myths behind annulments (Sherrie McDonald)
Disappearing Christians: A look at the Christian presence in the Holy Land and the Church's response (Richard Sontag)
The Third Way: Homosexuality and the Catholic Church (John-Andrew O'Rourke and Branden Stanley, Blackstone Films)
>Watch the INTRO and Q&A from The Third Way ToT
Scaling the Mountain - What you need to know about the Seven Deadly Sins (Fr. Tim Wyciskalla)
Does Our Faith Allow Us to Judge Others? (Judge Steve Heimann)
Indiana's Death Penalty - Myth v. Reality (Donna Keogh)
Why do bad things happen to good people? (Deacon Bill Jones)
Mary & the Saints - Why should I care about them? (Katie Sahm)
Ask a Priest - Your Catholic questions answered (Fr. Doug Marcotte)
Your Life is a Story - Read it, live it, tell it! (Scott Williams)
Is that idolatry? - The meaning behind all that Catholic "stuff" (Sister Loretto Emenogu)
Are we just glorified gorillas? - Making sense of the science vs. religion debate (Dr. Matt Sherman)
The Mass: Is it really worth waking up for every weekend? (Fr. Aaron Pfaff)
But it's mine! - Returning to God what you've been given. (Deacon Steve House)
Could you speak up, Lord? - Listening to God's voice in you life (Fr. Eric Augenstein)
Love vs. Lust: What's the difference? (Brie Anne Eichhorn)
Am I my Brother's Keeper? - Catholic Social Teaching and YOU (Jan Banister)
Literally or Literarily? - How do Catholics interpret the Bible? (Fr. Doug Marcotte)
Why do you call him 'Father?' - The role of the ordained priest in the Church. (Fr. Patrick Beidelman)
The Seven Sacraments: Made-up rituals or divinely instituted fonts of grace? (Fr. Guy Roberts)
Are Catholics Bigots? - Understanding the Church's teaching on Same-Sex Attraction (Kile Stevens)
Rules vs. Relationship (Maggie Hagenauer)
Why Be Catholic? (Bishop Christopher Coyne)
Are you saved? - Understanding the Catholic perspective of salvation" (Fr. Jerry Byrd)
Can't I just tell God? - A closer look at Confession"  (Fr. Paul Fagan, CP)
Contraception Misconception - Sex according to God's plan" (Rebecca Ramsey, RN)
Why are we here? - Discovering your purpose in life and how to pursue it with passion" (Matt Faley)
Myth Busters: Catholic Edition (Fr. Peter Marshall)  
Heaven, Hell, and... Purgatory? (Seminarian Daniel Bedel)
2012- Is this the END? Are you ready for the 'final days'? (Fr. Paul Schloemer, OFM Conv.)

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