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Website Team
Updated 04/27/2015
The following individuals have responsibility for this website:
Overall Website Oversite   - matters of policy, content approval, budget.
Mike Shelton
Technical Support   - help ministry heads and their respective sub-site managers.
Augustine Jung
Eunmee Yi
Posting Sunday BulletinsBartholoNews -- Margaret Janes to continue sending bulletin info to Eunmee
Margaret Janes
Eunmee Yi
Website "Contact Us" recipient (redistributes emails as necessary) Margaret Janes
Posting Sermons -- Fr. Clem to continue sending homilies to Eunmee
Fr. Clem
Eunmee Yi
Posting BartholoNews -- Margaret to continue sending info to Eunmee
Kathy Schubel
Friends of Haiti
Tom Charlebois
Music Ministry
John Dingledy
Bogdan Minut
Religious Education (children and adult), MOMS, Welcome Back Catholics, CHRP
Theresa Racanelli
Troy Wilson
New Parishioner Welcome Sheri Read
Youth Ministry
Chris Schwartz
Men's Ministry
Mike Keogh
Peace and Justice
Christopher Denlinger
Health Cabinet
- to be named
Katrina Relief
John Cord
Little Rock Scripture Study
Mark Nabors
Small Church Communities
Rochelle House

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