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Information related to January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti

Update on the situation in Haiti - January 16, 2010

From Theresa Patterson, Visitation Hospital Foundation, Parish Twinning Program of the Americas

Four medical teams of 63 people are preparing to arrive in Haiti next week - these will work at the Visitation Clinic. Additional teams from the Hospital Corporation of America will work from the Matthew 25 House. The most urgent current need for PTPA is medications, with the greatest difficulty moving them into the country.

From Hannah Hoover, Haitian In-Country Lead for Childrens Place International

The weather in Limonade has let up a little, but a lot of rain has fallen, which is unusual for this time of the year in Northern Haiti. Flooding is possible and transportation is difficult.

Hannah spoke with Roland Saint-Cyr, who works as an intermediary between the Saint Anne and Saint Bartholomew communities. According to Roland, food prices have begun to increase and greater increases are expected with the loss of Port au Prince as a commerce hub. Medicines, hygiene supplies, and money (banks are closed as is Western Union) are in short supply.

Roland hasn't yet contacted all of the students studying in Port au Prince and continues to try. He and others in Limonade may not have been affected themselves, but have either bad news or no news about friends and relatives - people are "extremely, extremely depressed and traumatized". He thinks the services of a psychologist could be extremely helpful at this time.

Update on the situation in Haiti - January 15, 2010

News is trickling in slowly.

Limonade, which is near the Northern coast and about 80 miles from Port au Prince, does not seem to have been damaged by the earthquake. It still may be affected by 2 weeks of rain, migration or by increases in food prices. St. Bartholomew Church continues to stand with the people of Saint Anne and Limonade. If the situation changes, we will let you know. Please keep the people of Saint Anne and Limonade in your prayers. During Lent you will once again have the opportunity to contribute to the support of our nutrition centers and the school we sponsor using Lenten cartons.

Many of you may remember Roland Saint-Cyr and Pere Chery both of whom support our efforts in Haiti and have come to Saint Bartholomew to speak to you. We have heard that they and their immediate families are safe. However, we are unsure of the status of thirteen students sponsored by Saint Bartholomew, many of these university students, some younger. It is likely that many of those we pray for and support have family and friends who were in the area damaged by the earthquake. Join us in prayers for all who have been killed, injured, displaced, or still waiting to find out the status of loved ones.

The damage and loss of life in the Haitian capital, Port au Prince, and the surrounding cities is much greater. This demands an immediate response, as well as a more sustained help after the television cameras leave and the earthquake damage becomes one more news item. Many past and present parishioners have asked what they can do. We see the answer to this as coming in multiple "phases". Most immediately, a disaster needs to be managed. We are suggesting that parishioners contribute to the Parish Twinning Program, the group that initially linked us with Saint Anne Parish. PTPA operates the Matthew 25 House in Cap Haitien. The house is a base from which visitors can work with twinned parishes. It received some structural damage,but is serving as a base for a relief efforts in the area. Medical and other relief services are being provided in what was once a soccer field behind the house. Over the next weeks and months, it will be an effective place from which need can be assessed and funds can be distributed to churches serving hurting communities. For more information about this organization,go to http://www.parishprogram.org You are welcome to mail a check to PTPA or you can also make your donations through St. Bartholomew Church. Please be clear about your intention by writing "PTPA/Haiti" on the memo to your check or enclosing the check in an envelope clearly marked "PTPA/Haiti".

You may feel led to contribute to other very worthwhile organizations. We also strongly suggest either of the following:

Partners in Health, http://www.pih.org)

Catholic Relief Services - http://www.crs.org

If you have questions or suggestions, contact Dave Nickel (d_nickel@att.net) or Dave & Judy Harpenau (jjhdah@sbcglobal.net)

Haiti Sunday 2008

Haiti Sunday 2008


Slides from the presentation shown in the church narthex during the weekend of Haiti Sunday, July 26th & 27th, 2008 (PDF format).
Haiti Sunday 2008
Mass program (PDF format)
Haiti Sunday 2008
 Text of the address by Rebecca Ellerbrook (PDF format)
Haiti Sunday 2008
Lyrics (English and Creole) of Tout sa'n Genyen, sung by Alex and Anne Dugè (PDF format)

Optical Mission a Huge Success!!


October 6-14, 2006 


OM team members:  Dr. Mike Mangas, Dr. Natalie Olinger, Pat Conard, Diane Jacobs, Charles Oliver, John Oliver, Fr. Clem Davis, Grace Coyner, Becky Morone, Dave Meyercord, Barb Sallee. 


Over the course of the 4 ½ days of  the optical mission, 888 people received vision testing, ophthalmologic evaluation and, as needed, provision of glasses.  670 were seen in Limonade and 218 in Jedde.  54 were referred for cataract surgery, including three children under the age of 12.  256 were referred to the clinic in Limonade for hypertension management. 


Cataract surgery will be done by Dr. Carmelle Lucien at Sacre Coeur Hospital in Milot.  Members of the team were able to meet with Dr. Lucien and Sr. Martha, the administrator of Sacre Coeur Hospital , to confirm the process.  Because surgery will not be done until January, the referral forms were left with Dr. Jacques Julmice, the physician at the Limonade clinic.  (Duplicates will be kept by FOH.)  Dr. Lucien will notify him when she is ready to make appointments.  Roland St. Cyr and Emilienne Fabien will then contact those who were referred.  All patients needing surgery were given explicit instructions about this.  A list of those being referred will be sent to Dr. Lucien, Dr. Jacques, Sr. Martha and Pere Chery. 


Those being referred for hypertension were given a card with their blood pressure reading and the medications that were started at the OM.   A list of these patients will be sent to Dr. Jacques. 


On all days, the OM went smoothly and without incident.  The flexibility and good humor of both the team members and the patients were essential to this!   

Financial Report for trip:

Advance from FOH funds                                                                           $2,500.00                             

   Airport baggage transport                                    $ 16.00
   Other baggage transport                                          9.00
   Haiti Project Coordinator – Emilienne                    350.00
   Four translators for four days                                800.00
   One translator for six days                                   300.00
   Security for six nights                                          310.00
   Tap-Tap money                                                   100.00
   Other helpers                                                      290.00
   Reimbursement to Pere Chery for shipping              16.00
   Gifts                                                                   345.41
      Gift money provided                                           (36.41)
Total Uses                                                                                                      $2,500.00
Remaining funds                                                                                                   00.00
 Each team member paid/contributed for their flight tickets:
Air Tran $249.20
Lynx       $415.25
Grace paid additional Lynx of $69.65 authorized
and was charged an additional $69.65 not authorized.
I am still working on an explanation about this.
Future trips on Lynx will be on new planes with facilities!!!!
Comfort Inn was $42 to $58 to $116 depending
on the number of people in the room.
Each team member paid/contributed $175.00 for the cost of room
and board at the rectory in Limonade.
Each team member pays/contributes for their own recommended vaccinations, meals in route, personal gifts to needs for which they were approached.


Information from wwwHaitiJustice.org

Half-Hour for Haiti: Vote to Make America Safe for Democracy in Haiti

Update:  Last week’s mobilization for political prisoners was an organizational success, although it has not yet sprung any political prisoners. In addition to the Open Letter to the Minister of Justice and our letters, the Haitian groups organized demonstrations at the Ministry of Justice, the Prime Ministers office and the St. Marc courthouse (see mobilization photos).

Announcing the new Haiti JusticeBlog: IJDH has launched a  blog designed to generate discussion about justice in Haiti , and especially what people outside the country can do to help. It is also a way of getting breaking news and action alerts out faster. Please visit the blog by clicking here or going to http://blog.ijdh.org/. Add a comment to let us know what you think, or how we can improve the site. Even better, subscribe to blog updates (simply type in your email address in the box at the bottom of the right column), and place a link to the Haiti JusticeBlog from your website or blog.

Coming Attractions: The re are many good events coming up: November 8 in Albany , New York :  Haiti After Mountains Beyond Mountains/Aristide and the Endless Revolution (film and discussion); Jubilee USA’s Drop the Debt, Invest in people! speaking tour: Indianapolis and Fort Wayne:,November 3-7, Chicago: November 8-11; the School of the Americas Watch Journey for Justice Caravan:  California - Arizona -Texas- Louisiana – Georgia , November 3-17.

This Week’s Alert: Half-Hour for Haiti members not registered to vote in the U.S. have the week off (to spend more time on the Haiti Justiceblog). For the rest of us: every time I speak about Haiti in the U.S. , someone asks “why does the U.S. pick on Haiti ?”  The re are many good ways to answer the question, none completely satisfactory. But the best answer from now through November 7 is “because people of good faith in the U.S. allow their government to conduct a foreign policy that violates fundamental American notions of fairness and justice.”  

Help make the U.S. safe for democracy in the world by voting in next Tuesday’s elections, and making international justice one of the most important criteria for determining who will represent you in Congress. Your vote can make a difference for the billions of people worldwide affected by U.S. foreign policy.  Consider whether your Representative is a Cosponsor of HR 888, the Haiti Debt Relief Act, or stood up to demand freedom for political prisoner Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste. Visit the PeaceMajority.org Congressional ratings page that grades legislators based on key votes regarding war and peace. Talk about the candidates’ stands on international justice issues with members of your solidarity, peace or church group. Make sure everyone in your network who cares about justice votes. ____________________________________________________________________
For more information about the Half-Hour For Haiti Program, the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti or human rights in Haiti , see wwwHaitiJustice.org. To sign up for the weekly Action Alert, send an email to HalfHour4Haiti@ijdh.org.Your financial support is needed for IJDH to continue its work. Contributions may be made online on our website, or mailed to IJDH, PO Box 745 , Joseph , OR 97846 .


Rebecca Ellerbrook delivered an address at  St. Bartholomew Church for the Sunday weekend masses on July 22 and 23, 2006.   Click here to read her account of the situation at St. Anne's.    


Re: Donation of Solar Pump for Haiti  - June 28, 2006

To all the people of SHURflo,

We would like to thank your organization for the donation of a solar pump and spare parts to replace the unit we shipped to you for repair. We were advised by "Tom" in your Elkhart operation, that our pump was not repairable, and a new pump and the parts were promptly shipped to us. The original pump was in a well that serviced a Nutrition Center in Limonade, in the Northern Part of Haiti. Through this center we supply 100 meals a day to 100 children and provide vitamins to 1300 children. The well is a deep well, about 30 meters which is the depth you must go to find unpolluted water in Haiti. Unfortunately the well was out of service for nearly 8 months as we could not get back into Haiti because of the unrest following the elections.

Thanks again for all your help,

Jack Riester for all the Friends of Haiti

Friends of Haiti Christmas party, December 29, 2006.
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